About the Post Matric Programme

Somerset West Private School’s Post Matric course offers students the opportunity to take a constructive gap year whilst improving their matric results.

For the past 22 years, Somerset West Private school has offered a unique Post Matric bridging course. Applicants tend to apply chiefly for Mathematics and Physical Sciences; Post Matrics can choose to apply for any subject they wish, at their discretion and according to their individual goals.

Universities from all over South Africa refer students to us.

We create a focused, disciplined environment; updates and results are provided on a weekly basis to ensure a quality service is provided through attentive, individualised attention.


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Why do a Post Matric?

Subjects offered


Physical Sciences

Life Sciences

Mathematical Literacy


Business Studies

Consumer Studies



Computer Applications Technology



Information Technology

Engineering Graphics and Design

What's New?

We are proud to introduce two new additions to the Post Matric course:

The Advanced Programmes are designed to develop independent and critical thinking skills, thus preparing students for university study.

These courses are quality assured by Umalusi and successful learners receive a certificate issued by the IEB. The APs in Mathematics have been benchmarked by UK NARIC and are considered comparable in demand to the UK A-levels.

The key purpose of the Advanced Programme courses in Mathematics is to prepare learners for tertiary study.

In Mathematics, the preparation is in the form of exposure to concepts and branches of Mathematics that are part and parcel of first year university Mathematics and Mathematics-related courses. The emphasis is on subject content and giving learners a fundamental understanding of advanced Mathematical concepts.

This programme is aimed towards lending hands-on support and guidance through exposure to the Mathematics syllabus at First Year University level.

Personalised attention and constant facilitation of the learning process means that candidates are studying at tertiary level with the benefit of small classes and greater support.

Post-Matric Testimonials


Can I do the Post Matric course while studying?

Although it is possible we do not recommend it. Learners who are doing a subject for the first time have a large workload.

I did not have Maths or Science in Grade 12; is it possible for me to take it now?

Yes. Learners are allowed to take 2 new subjects per year. Somerset West Private School will do Grade 10, 11 and 12 with you in one year.

Do I have to come in and attend class?

We offer certain subjects via correspondence. Please contact us to find out which options are available. Each learner receives a personalised timetable which they have to follow. Class times are usually from 08:40 – 13:00, depending on your subject choice.

Must I wear school uniform?

No. All students at Somerset West Private School are not required to wear school uniform. We do, however, expect our students to dress appropriately and look presentable.

How many subjects can I re-do?

You can redo and take as many new subjects as you like!

How do I know if I must register to repeat a subject or take the subject as a new subject?

If the subject you want to take is on your NSC matric certificate, then you must register to repeat the subject. If the subject is not on your matric certificate then you must register for the subject as a new subject.

Do I write the IEB or NSC exam?

Somerset West Private School follows the NSC.

When do I write my exam?

Learners write the NSC Examinations at the end of the year with the current year’s Grade 12 learners.

Where do I write?

Somerset West Private School is a registered NSC Examination centre so you will write at the school’s venue.

When do I get my results?

Results come out in January the following year.

Can I apply for my desired University course while doing my Post Matric?

Yes. Upon registration we will give you a letter from Somerset West Private School indicating that you are doing the Post Matric course through us and also listing your subjects. You can then submit your term 1, 2 and 3 reports to the University.

Admission process

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