Additional Academic Programmes


In addition to the FET CAPS curriculum, we offer the International Cambridge A-Level Programmes in Biology, Mathematics, English, Chemistry and Physics.

The A-level programme allows learners to develop a deeper understanding of the subject and promotes independent and critical thinking skills.

For learners wishing to further their studies overseas, the Cambridge A-levels are a passport to any university, as they are internationally recognized.

Should you wish to access the CIE homepage, please make use of the link below:


Enrichment in addition to the CAPS curriculum is highly recommended especially for learners wishing to study competitive degree programmes such as Engineering, Medicine or Business Sciences.

The AP Maths programme will stimulate and enrich a learner who is already performing well in Mathematics, by augmenting the school syllabus. It encourages learners to develop their problem solving skills and strengthens their Core Maths skills.

These courses are quality assured by Umalusi and successful learners receive a certificate issued by the IEB. The IEB certificate in AP Maths has been benchmarked by UK NARIC and is considered comparable in demand to the UK A-levels.


This programme is aimed towards lending hands-on support and guidance through exposure to the Mathematics syllabus at First Year University level.

Personalised attention and constant facilitation of the learning process means that candidates are studying at tertiary level with the benefit of small classes and greater support.